Proposed Additional Wastewater Separate Rates

At the Council Meeting held on 7 August 2017 it was resolved to undertake community consultation on proposed Separate Rates on three development sites in Mount Barker for the purposes of infrastructure provision.

The Consultation Report for the proposal is available at the Civic Centre and Mount Barker Community Library and here:

Proposed Additional Wastewater Separate Rates Consultation Report(298 kb)


To provide comment you can:

  • Email any time during the consultation to ask a question or seek further information.
  • Written submissions are to be received no later than 5pm Tuesday 10 October 2017 by post to: Wastewater Separate Rate Submission, Mount Barker District Council, PO Box 54, Mount Barker SA 5251, or email to with “Wastewater Separate Rate Submission” in the subject heading.
  • Come to a Public Meeting on Monday 16 October 2017 at 4.30pm at the Council Chambers, Level 1, 6 Dutton Road Mount Barker where public comment from members of the community will be heard.
  • Please note: if you intend to come to the public meeting and/or present a submission, you will need to register by emailing or by phone 8391 7290 by 13 October 2017.
6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
T 8391 7200