Druids/Cameron Intersection Interim Roundabout

Category Completed Infrastructure Projects
Project Start Date 14/10/2013
Expected Completion Date 31/03/2014
Proponent District Council of Mount Barker
Project Status Complete
Contact Work: 08 8391 7290
Email: council@dcmtbarker.sa.gov.au

An interim small roundabout will be installed at the Druids Avenue / Cameron Road intersection to provide easier traffic flow around the town centre.


Construction activity associated with the revitalising of Morphett and Hutchinson Streets due to commence shortly will inevitably cause disruptions to traffic flow and access and considerable efforts are being made to manage the construction activity well and identify measures that can help ease the disruptions.

Together with the specific traffic management that will be in place during the Morphett and Hutchinson Street construction activity, improvements to the road network external to the project are being constructed to ease traffic flow around the town centre during this time. 

An interim small roundabout (fully mountable) will be installed at the Druids and Cameron Rd intersection.  This includes an upgrade to the lighting of that intersection to an appropriate standard for a roundabout.  This will occur on Thursday night 29 August 2013, in conjunction with works to install the pedestrian refuge near Pridmore Terrace. 

The interim Druids/Cameron roundabout will be in place until a permenant and larger roundabout is constructed in the next few years.  

This roundabout will make the use of Druids Ave and Cameron Road safer and more attractive to traffic and provides the opportunity to trial a roundabout at this location as successfully occurred with Mann/Cameron/Gawler a few years ago.


6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
T 8391 7200