Martindale Playground Relocation

Category Completed Infrastructure Projects
Project Start Date 04/04/2016
Expected Completion Date 29/04/2016
Proponent District Council of Mount Barker
Project Status Complete
Contact Person Infrastructure and Projects
Contact Work: 08 8391 7290

The Martindale Playground will be relocated to the reserve between Tremayne Road and Burnbank Way


Following community consultation, the Martindale Playground has been relocated to the reserve between Tremayne Road and Burnbank Way.  This location provides various benefits including a larger reserve area around the playground for picnics and playing as well as greater opportunities for future expansion over time subject to priorities and available budgets.


In late 2015 as part of the 2015/16 playground renewal program,  the Mount Barker District Council consulted the community seeking input regarding play equipment preferences and associated complimentary works at Martindale Estate, Mount Barker. 

Many respondents highlighted concerns regarding the proximity of the playground to a waterbody and requested consideration of relocation.   Further consultation was undertaken of nearby residents of both the existing and the proposed new site to gauge acceptance of relocating the playground.  90% of respondents supported the proposed new site.

The site situated between Tremayne Road and Burnbank Way, is currently a large undeveloped non-irrigated reserve and provides greater opportunities for expansion over time subject to available budgets. 

The relocation is scheduled to commence in April 2016.  It will take approximately two weeks to complete the installation of  a playground on a similar scale to the existing.  Please see overleaf for location plan and indicative play equipment.

Future stages will focus on improvements to the play space and broader reserve area. These improvements may include nature play elements, landscaping and consideration of supporting infrastructure such as car parking and path linkages.




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