Dawesley Road Resurfacing

Category Completed Infrastructure Projects
Project Start Date 31/03/2017
Expected Completion Date 30/06/2017
Proponent District Council of Mount Barker
Project Status Complete
Contact Person Infrastructure and Projects
Contact Work: 08 8391 7290
Email: council@mountbarker.sa.gov.au

The Mount Barker District Council is committed to maintaining roads in good condition to provide a safe environment. The 2016/17 Road Resurfacing Program includes a number of township and rural roads throughout the district.

Preparation for road rehabilitation in the Dawesley township is scheduled to be undertaken in April and May 2017, weather permitting.  A map showing the roads to be resurfaced is provided here.

Dawesley Road Resurfacing Map(105 kb)

Works such as tree and roadside vegetation pruning/removal and drainage improvements will be undertaken where required prior to resurfacing works.  The road rehabilitation will involve strengthening the existing road pavement as well as applying the final seal.

Where possible, traffic will be managed to maintain continued flow but sections of road may be closed for a period of time while construction is undertaken for the safety of workers and road users as it involves the use of large machinery.  There may be limited access to driveway entrances and vehicles should not be left parked on the roads to be resurfaced.  Council’s contractor will provide approximately 48 hours’ notice prior to the resurfacing works commencing and all endeavours will be made to ensure a minimum of inconvenience, but alternative parking arrangements and travel routes should be planned while resurfacing is underway.

Although work is avoided on the same day as the kerbside bin collection, please ensure bins are out by 6.30am as in most cases these will be emptied before resurfacing commences.

Your cooperation in delivering the successful completion of this project for the community is appreciated.

6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
T 8391 7200