Waste Management Strategy

After an extensive service review and community consultation process, Council recently endorsed the Waste Management Strategy 2009-2014.

> Council Report Waste Management Strategy (38kb)

> Waste Management Strategy 2009 (1MB)


The waste management strategy will provide direction for the various areas of waste management within the district including:

1. Kerbside waste & recycling collection

2. Organics

3. Hard waste

4. Public/street bins

5. Education/Promotion

6. Commercial & Industrial waste & recycling

7. Municipal waste & recycling

8. Hazardous waste

9. Difficult waste (waste that is difficult and/or costly to recycle)


Vision  To provide services, facilities and programs that help the community to manage its waste streams in a sustainable manner and an efficient kerbside collection service that continues to increase the level of resource recovery.

Goal  To reduce the amount of waste produced in the community and meet the Zero Waste SA resource recovery targets where economically and environmentally justified.

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