BBQs During Total Fire Ban Days

What to remember on Total Fire Ban Days

Thinking of having a BBQ? It is very important that you know what to do if it is a total fire ban day and if necessary, apply for a permit from Council.

Unsure whether it is a total fire ban day? Check the CFS website:

Don’t ruin your day!

Read the information below and see if you need to apply for a permit.

What if it is an Extreme or Catastrophic Total Fire Ban Day?

There are 3 levels of a Total Fire Ban Day from Severe, Extreme to Catastrophic.

Permits that have been issued will automatically become void if an Extreme or Catastrophic fire danger day is declared.

Fire Danger Ratings

The rating is forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology each day - the higher the Fire Danger Rating, the more dangerous the fire conditions.

Check your fire danger rating in your area:

Wood/Solid Fuel Barbecues
Use of all wood and solid fuel barbecues (e.g. kettle type, Weber BBQ) is prohibited on Total Fire Ban Days without a permit. 

Gas/Electric Barbecues
Gas or electric barbecues may be used on Total Fire Ban Days under the following conditions:

  • Within 15 metres of domestic premises*, or
  • On a coastal foreshore (if you travel elsewhere in SA)

Providing you have:

  • A four metre cleared area around and above the barbeque,
  • A responsible person is in attendance at all times with water or an extinguisher at hand, and
  • The barbecue is completely extinguished before leaving the area.

*domestic premises means a building or other structure that is fixed to the ground and connected to a reticulated or stored water supply and that is occupied as a place of residence but does not include a caravan.


To apply for a permit, fill out an Application for a Fire Permit Form, save it then email it to
For more information or to apply for a permit go to:


Permit applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.
Permit applications will be processed by an Authorised Officer and will include a site inspection.
Permits that have been issued will automatically become void if an extreme or catastrophic fire danger day is declared.


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