Public Elm Tree Management Blakiston

There will be a meeting at the corner of Henry and Alston Roads at 4:00 pm Tuesday 20 November 2018 to overview actions to be taken.

Mount Barker District Council is committed to maintaining the unique and much loved landscape character the Dutch Elm ‘tunnels and thickets’ provide at Alston and Henry Roads Blakiston.

We are aware that Unfortunately and infestation of Elm Leaf Beetle (ELB) is having a significant detrimental impact on the aesthetics of the area and the long term health and vigour of these trees.

In order to mitigate the impacts of ELB and sustainably preserve this streetscape over the longer term, Council will be undertaking tree work activities on the verges of the Blakiston roads where public elms exist. These works will commence on 21 November 2018 and include:

  • Some minor pruning and selective removal of the small public Elms along Compson Road.
  • Maintenance pruning of the large ‘parent Elm’ near the corner of Compson and Alston Roads at the side alignment of 39 Compson Road.
  • Removal of the large Elm leaning into the paddock at the side alignment of 39 Compson Road.
  • Removal of all ‘Elm sucker progeny’ on the northern verge of Alston Road at the side alignment of 39 Compson Road only up to where they cease opposite the corner of Henry Road.
    • Oak trees will be going back into this area of sucker removal
  • Removal of dead stems and branches throughout the Henry Road ‘Elm tunnel’,
    • Limited removal of some live material will occur during this process. Once this initial clean out has occurred it is intended that new growth will be encouraged into the tunnel formation.
  • Removal of dead wood and some live ‘Elm sucker progeny’ on the southern side of Alston Road to Joseph Road in order to celebrate and maintain the main thicket sections and limit the amount of ongoing chemical treatment required in these areas.

Some sections on the north side of Alston Road that require management will be considered in the future.

ELB treatment via soil injection to all areas being managed in this work installment will occur following completion of the above works.  

Please note that no works will be undertaken on private land and any land access arrangement that may be required to treat the public Elms will be negotiated directly with the land holder.  Management of Elm trees on private land is the responsibility of the land holder.

For further information or clarification on the pending tree works please don’t hesitate to contact councils Urban Forest Officer, Mr Chris Lawry on telephone 8393 6428 or alternatively attend a public meeting at the corner of Henry and Alston Roads at 4:00 pm Tuesday 20 November 2018.

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