Build Roads

Council is responsible for maintaining a total road network of approximately 805km. This increases every year. This consists of approximately 351km of sealed roads, approximately 389km of formed and surfaced roads and approximately 65km of unformed roads.

Council’s 2015/16 budget includes the following proposed works as part of the annual Road Resealing Program and Unsealed Road Sheeting Program. 

Council endeavours to complete the Road Resealing Program and Unsealed Road Sheeting Program within the indicated year, however the program can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs the affected segment will be scheduled in a future works program.


Asset Name Locality Segment Description
Dairy Ct  Blakiston 201m south Davison Rd to 179m north Davison Rd
Davison Rd Blakiston Dairy Ct to Bald Hills Rd
Playford Cr Brukunga Shephard Rd to 46m south Shephard Rd
Pyrites Rd Brukunga  Smillie St to Smillie St 
Shephard Rd Brukunga Pyrites Rd to Playford Cr 
Watts Rd Brukunga Playford Cr to Mine Rd
Mine View Rd Brukunga Watts Rd to 132m south Watts Rd
Murray St Callington Montefiore St to Bremer River
Darby Rd Echunga Echunga Rd to Darby La
Marianna St Echunga West St to 319m east West St
Sophia St Echunga Meadows Rd to Angus Rd
Stamps Rd Flaxley Flaxley Rd to Bugle Range Rd
Greenhills-flaxley Rd Green Hills Range Quarry Rd to 1114m west Quarry Rd
Balhannah Rd Hahndorf Mount Barker Rd to Church St
Hunt Rd Hahndorf Johns La to 123m north Johns La
Kavel Dr Hahndorf English St to 74m south English St
Kramm Av Hahndorf Molens Rd to 205m east Molens Rd
Thiele Gr Hahndorf English St to 289m north English St
Charcoal Pit Rd Harrogate  Bird In Hand Rd to Mail Rd
Harrogate Rd Harrogate Cockatoo Rge to Church Rd
Harrogate Rd Dawesley 3735m south Military Rd to Old Princes Hwy
Hall Ct Littlehampton Andrewville Tce to 46m east Andrewville Tce
Smeaton Cr Littlehampton Gum Tree Dr to Kitson Rd
Rosella Ct Littlehampton Cleggett Rd to 110m east Cleggett Rd
Pursell Rd Macclesfield Bugle Range Rd to 812m east Bugle Range Rd
Kondoparinga Rd Meadows Clystland St to Brown St
Morris Rd Meadows Brookman Rd to Rowley Rd
Razor Back Rd Meadows Battunga Rd to 994m west Battunga Rd
Barrow Ct Mount Barker Durham Ct to 263m east Durham Ct
Cameron Rd Mount Barker 192m north Gawler St to Druids Av
Chapman Cr Mount Barker Hawthorn Rd to Hawthorn Rd
Hawthorn Rd Mount Barker Liebelt Summer Tr to Bollen Rd
Hutchinson St Mount Barker Mann St to 132m south Mann St
Kookaburra Ct Mount Barker Lewis Av to 45m north Lewis Av
Mann St Mount Barker Hutchinson St to Gawler St
Marston Ct Mount Barker Fletcher Rd to 173m north Fletcher Rd
Ray Orr Dr Mount Barker Memorial Dr to Mansfield Rd
Robin St Mount Barker Zanker Dr to 77m south Zanker Dr
Skipper St Mount Barker Fletcher Rd to Alexandrina Rd
Walker St, Mount Barker Mount Barker Druids Av to Morphett St
Waterford Av Mount Barker Roundabout to Roundabout
Zanker Dr Mount Barker Hurling Dr to Bruce Cl
Britannia Rd Nairne Commercial St to Allargue St
Easter St Nairne Edinborough St to Britannia Rd
Edinborough Ct Nairne Cockburn St to 97m east Cockburn St
Gladstone St Nairne 225m north Stirling Rd to 175m south Stirling Rd
Nixon Rd Totness Nixon Rd to Mount Barker Rd
Military Rd Woodside Nairne Rd to 1042m east Nairne Rd


Unsealed Roads 

Council has no formal plans to seal unsealed roads or construct new unsealed roads at this point in time however, it is in the process of investigating an upgrade program for unsealed roads that will be subject to funding.

6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
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