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Spring is bird breeding season at Laratinga Wetland

Council and Birds SA are urging visitors keep ALL dogs on leads at all times.

Spring is breeding season for many of the bird species at Laratinga Wetland, Mount Barker. Even though the wetland contains two islands to protect birds and their young from predators, a number of them make their nests near the ground. Nests and baby birds are vulnerable and are easily disturbed by wandering dogs.

Laratinga Wetland and Reserve is a popular recreational space for bike riders, runners, walkers, birdwatchers and people who love to picnic and play in its beautiful open spaces.

It is also been a major hit with birds, so much so, that bird numbers have increased dramatically over the past decade with over 160 bird species now making it their home. These include migratory and nomadic bird species with some threatened at a state and regional level.

Council regularly patrols parks and reserves to ensure people are exercising their dogs according to the requirements of that public space. During spring extra patrols are undertaken in Laratinga Wetland to ensure people are doing the right thing and their dogs are on lead.

So when you’re in the wetlands next, please remember to do the right thing and keep your dog on a lead and stay within designated areas, this helps to keep our wildlife safe and allows young plants to grow.