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Brukunga and Harrogate Township Plan Consultation Session - Tuesday 12th May from 7pm (online)

As well as the online/hard copy survey, dedicated email address and call back options available during the consultation period, Council also held an online consultation session on the Draft Brukunga and Harrogate Township Plan using a Zoom webinar. This session was conducted online due to the current COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings.

The session was an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback about the short and long term priorities for the Brukunga and Harrogate communities, including those relating to the bushfire recovery effort.

Council staff from a range of service areas responded to your pre-submitted questions and feedback and discussed the more broad community feedback received during the recent consultation period. Please note only questions/comments submitted prior to the session were answered.

A representative from the Adelaide Hills Bushfire Recovery Centre also joined the session.

To listen to the Webinar Recording, click the link below:

Webinar Recording Link: (Click Here)


The remains of the Brukunga Mine, (an open face Pyrites mine which stopped operations in the 1970’s), is a visible reminder of the mining days of this historic small township. In Brukunga you will find a hall, playground, toilets and general store, and the township is also home of the Country Fire Service Training Camp.

recreation areas

Brukunga Hall + Park

Pyrites Road, Brukunga
  • Lawn - grassed area,
  • Open space,
  • Playground,
  • Toilets

To book the Brukunga Hall, please contact the Mount Barker Community Centre on (08) 8391 2747.

Brukunga and Harrogate Township Plan

In December 2019 the Cudlee Creek fires effected a large area of the Mount Lofty Ranges with over 23,000 hectares burnt as a result of these fires. Approximately 30% of this effected area is located within the Mount Barker District Council area and has had a significant impact on the Brukunga and Harrogate communities. In addition to planning for the long term objectives for these townships, the Council is also intending to plan for a range of short term actions which will assist in the recovery from these recent events.

With a view to better manage the strategic objectives for the Brukunga and Harrogate townships, Council is preparing a ‘Township Plan’ in consultation with a number of community groups from Brukunga and Harrogate and is now also looking to engage with the wider Brukunga and Harrogate communities about the issues that are relevant to these communities.

Purpose of the Township Plan

The Brukunga and Harrogate Township Plan will provide a vision for the future of the Brukunga and Harrogate townships across the next 10-20 years, identifying strategic actions and objectives to realise these visions. To assist in the recovery from the recent fire event the plan will also prioritise the delivery of short term actions and create strategies designed to help mitigate the risks of similar events occurring in the future.

Council is now seeking input from the Brukunga and Harrogate communities about the key priorities for the two towns. This feedback will inform the strategies, actions and priorities that will be contained within the plan.

Draft Brukunga and Harrogate Township Plan Flyer

Get Involved

With current restrictions in place on public gatherings as result of COVID-19, there are some larger public engagement events which will not be able to be held, however Council is committed to making contact with as many community members as possible.

The consultation period ran from 20th March until 24th April 2020. We reached out to community in the following ways:

    Infomation/online survey on Council’s website;

    - Facebook posts;

    - Mailed out flyers/survey;

    - Dedicated email address

    - Call back service;

Council staff engaged with community groups and government agencies throughout this consultation period.

For more information contact Kristian Wohlstadt, Senior Strategic Planner via email or via phone (08) 8391 7219

If you would like to provide further feedback on the bushfire recovery program, please complete the survey below provided by the Cudlee Creek Bushfire Recovery Centre