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Power Lines and Trees

Build Main

SA Power Networks has created a range of materials to better inform the public and key stakeholders of their vegetation clearance programs and legislative requirements.

SA Power Networks currently undertakes vegetation clearance work to maintain defined distances between vegetation and powerlines to mitigate bushfire risk, maintain reliability and ensure public and infrastructure safety.

Over the past two years, SA Power Networks has developed a number of tools to encourage the education of South Australian residents and provide clear and consistent information on how they manage trees around powerlines.

The new community education and information material has been designed to be customer friendly and provide clear and consistent messages to customers on how SA power Networks manage vegetation near powerlines.

New website

SA Power Networks has developed a dedicated webpage on its corporate site for Trees and Powerlines to educate customers on how they manage trees around powerlines and to create a useful resource for people who require more information.

Plant Selector Tool

To improve the selection of appropriate species near powerlines, SA Power Networks has worked with the Botanic Gardens to incorporate trees and plants suitable for growing under or near powerlines into their Plant Selector Tool.

The Interactive Plant Selector Tool offers a comprehensive online resource to help achieve more sustainable urban landscapes through improved plant selections. The tool is a valuable resource for landholders, Councils and the general public regarding appropriate species selection.