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Cemetery Information

The Mount Barker Cemetery was officially opened in the early 1850’s as a Wesleyan burial facility which served the residents of Mount Barker. The Glebe burials ceased in 1865 when a Wesleyan burial register commenced. The cemetery then became a Methodist and Uniting burial ground until council took over the management of the cemetery in the early 1980’s.

This cemetery houses graves of early settlers which are considered to be of local historic significance due to the architecture of its graves and its use for tracing family genealogies. The first burial recorded in the ‘Wesleyan Glebe Land’ in 1856 being Eliza Dunn, the daughter of local pioneer John Dunn.

Mount Barker District Council has 10 cemeteries under their care and control. Council has records for each of these cemeteries, with burial records commencing from the date indicated: Bugle Ranges (1882), Echunga (1885), Harrogate (1865), Macclesfield (1884), Meadows (1916), Meadows Old Wesleyan (1866-1948 closed), Mount Barker (1856), Mount Ephraim (1863-1915 closed), Nairne (1864) and Wistow (1857). Due to deterioration of some records, details may have been obtained from various sources, eg tombstone. Where cemeteries were used prior to the Burial Register being kept these burials are included when known.

Please contact the Local History Centre on 8393 6400 for further information.

Cemetery Locations

The Mount Barker District Council maintains 10 of the cemeteries located in the council area. These include: Bugle Ranges, Echunga, Harrogate, Macclesfield, Meadows, Mount Barker, Mt Ephraim, Old Meadows, Nairne and Wistow.

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