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Plan And Develop Fact Sheets and Forms

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Planning & Building Fact Sheets and Forms

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From 19 March 2021, a new planning system will be in place across the entire state of South Australia.

This new system is fully electronic, providing online development assessment and processing via a modern ePlanning platform.

Everyone living and working in South Australia can submit and track development applications from the comfort of their home, office or whilst on the go using their computer or mobile.

Clear and consistent planning policies relevant to your area are easily accessible and will help shape your community, both now and into the future.

South Australia’s new planning system will help you to:

  • Search zoning for your property
  • Review development rules
  • Lodge and track an application online
  • Track major projects and development activity
  • Find an accredited professional.

To find out more visit, email or call the PlanSA Service Desk on 1800 752 664.

Councils website will be updated to reflect the new Planning and Design Code and associated ePlanning platform as of the 19 March 2021.

Important for new and existing applications prior to the 19 March 2021

If you wish to have a new Development Application assessed under the provisions of the Development Act 1993 and assessed against the Council’s Development Plan, you will need to lodge your Application in advance of the 19th of March to allow lodgement of your application and associated payment of relevant fees. If Applications are provided to Council without sufficient time for lodgement and payment of the fees before 19 March 2021, your application will need to be resubmitted under the new planning system via the PlanSA Development Assessment Portal.

For Development Applications currently with Council for assessment the lodgement fee will be required to be paid prior to the 19th of March to ensure your Application continues assessment under the current planning system. Please note that as part of the transition between planning systems, Applications where building rules consent is required to be lodged after the 19th March, it will need to be lodged and processed within the new planning system via the PlanSA Development Assessment Portal.

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Planning & Building Fact Sheets and Forms

We have put together some information sheets which may help you with your questions about planning and building.

If these information sheets do not help you with your query, please contact Council at

Information included below includes:

*  Building & Planning: Application Forms

*  Building & Planning: Explained

*  Building & Planning: Information Sheets

*  Email Lodgement of Development Applications Fact Sheet

Building Planning: Application Forms

Building & Planning: Explained

Building & Planning: Information Sheets

ATO: GST + Property

For every property transaction you make, there may be a tax consideration.

Determine your GST obligations on the ATO website below:

> GST and Property guide

> Guide to ATO