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Animal Management Plan


Animal Management Plan 2018-2022(573 kb)

Animal management issues impact on the health, well-being and lives of the whole community. Council’s 2018-2022 Animal Management Plan is designed for everyone in the Mount Barker District Council, both animal owners and non-owners. Dogs and cats represent by far the most significant number and type of animals and have the most significant impact on our community, the environment, health and well being.

As well as committing to responding to and aiming to reduce animal management issues such as dog attacks and barking dogs the Plan involves a number of proactive measures and actions that will be undertaken by Council’s Public Safety Officers.

The Council’s Animal Management Plan also contains recommendations for a wide range of actions to be undertaken by Council to achieve these objectives. It provides a sound basis and direction from which it can plan and make future decisions over the next five years.

Strategies and actions contained within the Plan include:-

  • Actively educating and promoting responsible pet ownership.
  • Perform regular patrols of parks and reserves.
  • Highlight the importance of de-sexing of dogs and cats.
  • Door knock new residences in regard to dog registration.
  • Reducing dog attacks and bite avoidance.
  • Review dog related signage and poop stations in parks and reserves.
  • Conduct regular team meetings and encourage staff training opportunities.
  • Update Council’s website in relation to dog and cat management information.
  • Facilitate and promote annual micro chipping events.
  • Explore potential cat management strategies.
  • Reducing the numbers of dogs wandering at large.
  • Promoting the importance of dog socialisation and training.
  • Reducing dog barking and nuisance.
  • Improving the image of Public Safety Officers.
  • Explore the creation of a dog exercise/off leash park.