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Septic Tanks

The construction, installation or alteration of a septic tank system (Onsite Wastewater System) requires approval under the provisions of the Public and Environmental Health (Waste Control) Regulations.

No work in relation to the construction, installation or alteration of a waste control system can occur until the approval of the relevant authority has been granted. The installation or alteration of a waste control system is primarily a role of the local Council.

Mount Barker District Council provides a full approval and inspection service of all installations and alterations. This requires all plumbing contactors to advise Council of any work that they are undertaking in our area. Plumbing work can only be carried out by licensed operators and this includes owner/builders.

> Septic Tank fact sheet and helpful information

The various types of waste control systems have specific application forms. Details required when lodging your application can be found at the top of each application form:

Onsite Wastewater System Application

Fees as at 2020/2021

  • $371.00 – Installation of a new wastewater system
  • $243.00 – Alteration to an existing wastewater system – Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS)
  • $371.00 – Alteration to an existing wastewater system – Non CWMS

For more information please contact the Health & Public Safety Department on 8391 7200.