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Build Sustain Dev

What is sustainability?

  • Sustainability is about respecting ecological limits and natural resource constraints
  • It is about the health and wellbeing of people and encouraging prosperity for the future
  • Sustainability is about the environment, “being green” and much more..
  • Sustainability is about the interdependencies of social, economic and environmental factors and ensuring that all are appropriately considered in our decision making and the actions we take
  • Sustainability acknowledges and responds to change - it promotes resilience, adaptation, diversity and confidence
  • Sustainability also prompts us to consider how our local actions impact more widely at a regional, state, national and global level and vice versa
  • Sustainability is a shared responsibility between all levels of government, organisations, businesses and the community.

Sustainable Landscape Design 2017 - Interactive

Are you looking to landscape your yard?

Have you considered using the range of local native plants, - ideally suited to this area?

Natives can be used in formal gardens as well as more casual designs.

These booklets provide a range of options and advice on landscape plantings suitable for residential gardens in the Mount Barker district.

Sustainable Landscape Design 2017 - Interactive(3951 kb)

Sustainable Mount Barker

With growth continuing apace in Mount Barker, ensuring development is sustainable is one of Council's greatest challenges. Various resources have been developed to inform more sustainble development in our District.

To see how to practice sustainable development at your property or neighbourhood check out the Living Sustainably virtual community.

Green infrastructure

Strategic green networks supporting life in cities and towns

Looking to implement integrated, connected, multifunctional green infrastructure in a development or project, or across council areas?

Then click on the link below and you will be taken to the Natural Resources Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges green infrastructure page where you will find information and a video which introduces the concept of green infrastructure, highlighting the First Creek Wetland at the Adelaide Botanic Garden,

Green Infrastructure