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We value young people in our community and are committed to providing opportunities. Below you will find information and support for young people that live, study or play in the Mount Barker district.

For more information please contact our Senior Community Development Officer on 8391 7200.

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Mount Barker Skate Park

Working with our community who use the Mount Barker Skate Park we understand the opportunities that will continue to make the skate park a great place to go, discourage anti-social behaviour and improve perceptions of safety. These opportunities include:


  • Increase the frequency that Council cleans out the bowl, drains and vicinity to improve user experience. We have actioned this and continue to monitor.
  • Replace signage with key contact and safety information. Completed in October 2019.
  • Paint and repair cracks and breaks in the bowl to extend the life of the concrete and improve the user experience. Currently underway – November 2019.

Facility improvements: shade, seating, lighting and toilets

Build a low retaining wall under the Oak Tree that will act as informal seating whilst also capturing much of the mulch and leaf litter that has previously ended up in the skate bowl. Planned for November 2019.

Council is actively seeking and applying for external grant funding to install a shade structure, formal seating, toilets and lighting. To date we have been unsuccessful but will continue to seek funding partners for this project.


We acknowledge that litter is an issue at the skate park and whilst there is a bin within 20 metres of the park not all users are using it. We are continuing to look for practical solutions to this problem.

A skate park for all

  • For a number of years, Council has funded coaching and mentoring sessions and events for young people (5+ years) to gain confidence and skills at the skate park. This is a great way to introduce young people to the skate park so that they feel a sense of belonging and shared ownership. To find out more about this program contact Darryl Harvey at Roll All Day on:
  • We would like to work with the community to establish a Friends of the Skate Park group where Council would provide tools, resources and support for the group to look after the facility. This may include things like a shed with brooms and tools, paint and rollers to cover graffiti as it happens and so on. If you are interested in being part of this group, please contact Yelaina Eaton, Senior Community Development Officer on

Future needs

We acknowledge how well used the Mount Barker Skate Park is and are actively planning and delivering more and varied recreation options for our young people. This includes existing facilities such as Macclesfield Skate Park and the recently redeveloped Anembo BMX Park. We are also planning for the Nairne Villiage Green redevelopment which will include a skate and scooter facility more suited to young riders. Lastly, Aston Hills is currently finishing off a Mountain Bike park.

Sunday Sessions at the Mount Barker Skate Park

Sunday Sessions at the Mt Barker Skate Park and run by Darryl Harvey, Skateboard Australia Accredited Coach. For details about the next upcoming workshop check out the Facebook page:

Enquiries: Email Darryl on

Adelaide Hills Youth Sector Network (AHYSN)

The aim of the network is to provide a more robust and sustainable network for youth workers in the Adelaide Hills to access networking tools, collaboration opportunities, information and professional support.


AHYSN’s members represent a variety of organisations and come from diverse backgrounds including federal, state and local government organisations, non-government and community based organisations, schools, youth workers, community health workers and students. Anyone who works with young people in the Adelaide Hills region is invited to become a member.

AHYSN Meeting Times and Further Information

For more information about the network or to find out when the next meeting will be, please contact Yelaina Eaton, Senior Community Development Officer on