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Smoke from domestic heating

In the colder months, solid fuel heaters such as wood heaters are popular in our district to heat the home.

When burnt efficiently, wood is an effective renewable fuel. Wood smoke can strongly influence air quality and can have considerable health impacts. It is therefore important to know the best ways to use solid fuel heaters.

When wood is burned correctly it is quite safe, but when incorrect fuel or incorrect use of heaters causes excessive smoke, the air becomes contaminated with chemical components that are harmful to human health.

The EPA website has good information about using your solid fuel heater, including tips on reducing wood smoke pollution.

You can also download the EPA's helpful booklet Burn Better for good for five simple steps to keep your home fire burning better.

  1. Burn only dry, seasoned wood
  2. Good wood storage – under a roof to keep it dry and in a ventilated area
  3. A good start – never use gasoline, kerosene, charcoal starter, or a propane torch
  4. Go with the glow – never over-fill the heater with wood or leave it on a low setting overnight or when you go out
  5. Do the check – go outside and look at your flue