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Australia’s digital economy demands a fast and reliable network.

Enabling access to new markets, creating opportunity to reduce costs and drive innovation, as well as gaining a competitive edge on the global stage. The nbn™ network is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network, designed to support future economic and social growth.

The nbn™ network is rolling out across the Mount Barker District. The nbn™ network is already available to residents and businesses of Meadows, Macclesfield, Mount Barker, Littlehampton, Blakiston, Nairne and Hahndorf.

Here’s how to move to the nbn™:

  1. Contact your preferred service provider. You won’t be connected to the nbn™ network automatically, so contact your preferred internet service provider to discuss your needs and select the most appropriate plan for your business.
  2. Check your equipment compatibility. It’s important for your device provider to understand the compatibility of your existing devices with the new network. Your provider can help minimise a break in service as your area is switched to the nbn™ network.
  3. For more information. Visit or contact your preferred services provider.

For nbn related events, please visit the News and Events page.