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The natural environment is one of the things we love most about Mount Barker district. Our cherished wetlands, trees, wildlife habitat, parks and open spaces make this a very desirable place to live, work and visit.

Like many other districts, Mount Barker faces threats to our environment, including climate change, biodiversity loss and increasing waste. As a fast-growing district, our challenge is to manage our growth in environmentally sustainable ways.

Environment Strategy

On February 5, 2018 Council adopted the Mount Barker District Council Environment Strategy 2018-2023: A Smaller Footprint for Mount Barker District

This is one of several lead strategies to inform the implementation of the Mount Barker 2035 District Strategic Plan. The Environment Strategy provides a framework for all to participate in protecting our environment. It aligns local environmental objectives with broad strategic goals; provides guidance for environmental initiatives that is informed by existing and emerging environmental challenges and opportunities as well as a strong understanding of community needs and priorities; and it provides a framework for monitoring and measuring progress of our environmental initiatives.

Read the Environment Strategy in full: Environment Strategy Environment Strategy 2018

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Read a summary of the consultation process: Environment Strategy summary of Consultation Process

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