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Community Land Management Maps & Plans

Under Section 193 of the Local Government Act 1999 (the Act), all local government land that is owned by Council or under Council’s care and control (excluding roads) is classified as Community Land. Section 207 of the Act requires Council to develop and maintain a Community Land Register.

Section 196 of the Act requires Council to develop management plans for all Community Land. Categories of Community Land are not specifically defined in the Act but for the purposes of management plans includes areas that are set aside for community use or conservation purposes.

At its meeting on 20 December 2004 Council adpoted three generic Community Land Management Plans for the management of all community land in the District as required under the Act. The generic plans are for (a) Natural Areas, (b) Parks and (c) Sport and Recreation facilities. Site specific management plans have been developed for some parcels where a need is identified.

As additional parcels are aquired by Council these will be added to the community land register.

The Community Land Management Plans, Community Land Register and a register of land under lease or licence can be viewed from the following documents:

Community Land Maps

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