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Backyard Burning

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Burning in the open (backyard burning in townships)

All burning in the open (backyard burning) has been prohibited in all townships in Mount Barker District Council.
Burning in the open can contribute to pollution. Penalties apply to those that burn in townships that have not gained the correct permit.

Even when the fire danger season has ended, burning in the open in townships requires a permit.
Apply online for a permit available on the Burning Regulations and Permits page.

To see your property classification, check the boundary maps further down the page.

General Guidelines for obtaining an exemption permit for Council are:

  • You must live in Council's High Fire Risk Area.
  • You must be conducting fuel and hazard reduction work.
  • Material to be burnt must be green waste (NO RUBBISH)
  • Material must be dry prior to burning.
  • Material must be hard to remove, eg down a gully or inaccessible by vehicle.
  • You must have a PERMIT TO BURN issued by Council's Fire Prevention Officer.
  • You must adhere to all conditions of the permit.

PERMITS WILL ONLY BE ISSUED AFTER THE FIRE DANGER SEASON (1 MAY subject to CFS advice and weather conditions) until it becomes too dangerous to burn. (also subject to weather conditions)NOTE: It is illegal to burn rubbish or green waste material in the open any where within the prohibited areas of Mount Barker District Council without obtaining a permit from the Fire Prevention Officer.
For more information please contact Council on 8391 7200 or email:

Backyard Burning Prohibited Zone Maps: 

Mount Barker and Littlehampton(372kb)











Please note that Council also provides Free Green Waste Days throughout the year and a fortnightly green waste collection.