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Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material, which has been mined in Australia & overseas from several types of mineral rock. Asbestos fibres are known to be hazardous to health when inhaled. Houses that were built or renovated prior to 1990 may contain asbestos building materials.

  • Asbestos fibres become a risk to health when products that contain asbestos are incorrectly handled, removed, transported or disposed of.
  • is the primary website for South Australians which provides detailed information on how to identify, manage and safely remove asbestos in residential settings or workplaces.
  • Once asbestos waste products have been safely removed, packaged & labelled, they must be transported to an EPA licensed landfill or waste transfer station.
  • The Mount Barker waste transfer station does not accept asbestos. details the locations of waste depots that will accept asbestos
Further information

For illegal dumping on Council land contact the Environmental Health Unit on 8391 7200
For information on health risks of Asbestos contact SA Health on 8226 7100
For work place issues contact SafeWork SA Help Centre on 1300 365 255 or email