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Eco-Friendly Building Design & Construction

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Designing and Constructing Your Home

Council has developed a booklet to help you consider sustainability issues in relation to your existing home or your future home, because perhaps now more than ever, there is a need to ensure that we live more sustainably and reduce our ecological footprint.

Read through the booklet (below) to get tips on how to reduce your impact on the environment when building a new home, during renovations or just in everyday living, or visit the Council office for a copy.

> Designing and Constructing Your Home booklet

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Sustainable Development Fact Sheets

Council, in partnership with the SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board, wishes to provide greater clarity and direction for developers designing and developing housing subdivisions in the District. It wishes to encourage development that more adequately considers environmental impact and sustainability principles.

To help achieve this, Council has produced a series of ‘Sustainable Residential Subdivision Design Fact Sheets’ that assist in ‘interpreting’ the Development Plan’s environmental policies and enable Council to further explain and express its desire for more sustainable urban development in the District. The Sustainability Fact sheets provide guidance to developers at the concept plan design stage and emphasise the Council’s requirements in achieving sustainable development. Information contained within the fact sheets provides greater clarity at the early stages of the development assessment process. Adhering to the principles contained within the fact sheets will reduce the need to enter into unnecessary and sometimes protracted negotiations. The fact sheets provide a ‘user friendly’ interface to more sustainable development in the Mount Barker District.

Follow the links below to view the 5 fact sheets that address key sustainability principles that relate to environmental performance issues as contained within the Mount Barker (DC) Development Plan. Information contained within these fact sheets should be considered and discussed with the relevant council officer prior to and during the development assessment process.

> Fact Sheet 1: Site Analysis Aug 2007 (148kb)

> Fact Sheet 2: Energy Efficiency Aug 2007 (221kb)

> Fact Sheet 3: Water Sensitive Urban Design Aug 2007 (515kb)

> Fact Sheet 4: Biodiversity Open Space and Buffers Aug 2007 (293kb)

> Fact Sheet 5: Sustainable Transport Aug 2007 (939kb)

For more information contact Mr Greg Sarre on 8391 7257 or email

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Living Sustainably

Visit the Living Sustainably interactive site for more information on sustainable design.