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Water Usage (Rainwater & Bore Water)

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks can provide a good quality water supply with proper managment of the tank as well as the catchment area. In rural areas where rainwater serves as the sole source of drinking water, the importance of proper management cannot be over emphasised.

The Department of Health has produced the following documents to provide further information:

> Guidance on Use of Rainwater Tanks

The Australian Water Quality Centre (State Water Laboratories) at Bolivar, provides advice and analysing facilities for persons with rainwater tanks. They can be contacted on 1300 65 33 66.

> The Australian Water Quality Centre website

Please note development approval maybe required pursuant to Schedule 3 (4) (h) of the Development Regulations 1993.

The regulations state that:

a water tank (and any supporting structure) which:

  • is part of a roof-drainage system; and
  • has a total floor area not exceeding ten square metres; and
  • has no part higher than four metres above the natural surface of the ground

does not require Council approval, however if your water tank does not meet the above requirements, you will require Council approval. Click here to obtain a copy of Council’s Minor Domestic Structures brochure

Please contact Council’s Duty Planning Officer on (08) 8391 7200 or

Further advice on rainwater tanks can be provided by contacting Council’s Environmental Health Officers on (08) 8391 7200 or

Bore Water

Bore-water is groundwater which accumulates in aquifers from seepage of rain and rivers through layers of soil and rock. A bore is an effective way of gaining access to these groundwater sources.

There are numerous bores located within and around the district.  Some bores are located on private property and service that property and/or neighbouring properties.

Some bore-water contains chemical and microbiological hazards that are potentially harmful to health. These hazards may occur naturally or be due to contamination.

Council is reminding residents that ALL bore water is not considered suitable for drinking or food preparation.

More information can be found in the “Using Bore Water Safely” fact sheet on the Health SA website at together with related links.

Alternatively, please contact Jamie Tann, Manager Health and Public Safety, Mount Barker District Council, on telephone 8391 7200 or email