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Pests and Vermin

Header Pests and Vermin

Environmental Health Officers can provide advice on the identification and possible control of vermin around the home. Where it can be shown that the source of the vermin is the keeping of poultry or birds, action can be taken under the Local Government Act to control the source of the infestation. If it can be shown that the source is perhaps the condition of a property, then action can be taken under the Public and Environmental Health Act.

Contact the Environmental Health Officer on 8391 7200.

European Wasps

Council provides a free eradication program to all landholders. In order for the nests to be destroyed you need to locate the nest. Tracking and finding wasp nests is the responsibility of the landholder.

Once the nest is located contact Council's Contractor Murray Pest Control on 8398 5011.

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Fire Ants

For further information on Fire Ants ring the SARDI Call Centre on 1300 666 010 or go to:
> SARDI's website – urban pests

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are the world's worst fruit pest. They appear on nearly every continent and millions of dollars are spent annually on their control and eradication.

South Australia is the only mainland state free of fruit flies. Outbreaks can only occur if travellers carry infested fruit and vegetables across our borders from other States or if infested commercial consignments are introduced. The movement of produce into South Australia is restricted to commercial shipments that are certified free of fruit fly.

Our fruit fly awareness program focuses on community participation. We urge residents and visitors to the state not to bring fruit and vegetables across state borders into South Australia and to report all maggots found in produce to the Fruit Fly Hotline 1300 666 010.

For further information on fruit flies go to: 
> PIRSA website

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Living with Possums in South Australia

For further information on Possums go to:


Council's contractor for the management of rats is Adams Pest Control. This service is for residential properties only. Council does not provide a service for commercial properties. They do perform proactive baiting around some Council assets and creeks in the area. Residents that are experiencing a rat issue at their property can contact the customer service team on 8391 7200 to make arrangements for pest control services to attend and bait appropriately. Adams Pest Control then visits on the first and third Wednesday of the month to collect the list of jobs and action requests.

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Council does not provide pest control services to commercial or residential properties with a mice issue. If you are experiencing issues with mice please contact a pest control service or implement self-monitored pest control measures to deal with the infestation.

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Environmental Health Officers will investigate complaints relating to vermin and take action on a case by case basis. Complaints often stem from underlying issues such as “unsightly premises”. People have a responsibility to reduce potential vermin harborage material and attractants such as perishable rubbish, unmaintained chicken yards etc.

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