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Residential Hard Waste Collection

Mount Barker District Council has introduced a user pays at-call hard waste collection service provided once a year to residential properties only. This service is provided by Orana Pty Ltd. on behalf of the council.

Orana is a social enterprise that creates opportunities for people with disability to live and work within their local community, fulfill their dreams and become valued and productive  community members.

Further enquiries about the hard waste service should be directed to Orana on 8375 2060.

Bookings are essential

BOOK ONLINE (Link will open in a new window)

Bookings can also be made by

☎️ 8375 2060

How does it work?

  • When making a booking, Orana will ask a few questions to establish what hard waste you have for disposal
  • Orana will bill customers directly
  • Once the booking is made an invoice will be sent out and once paid, you will be contacted by phone or email to confirm a collection date
  • Pickup should occur within 4 weeks of payment being made unless there is exceptional high demand of service or other breakdowns, government restrictions etc
  • On the booking day items need to be presented to the kerb up to 12 hours prior to booking time
  • Excessive or unacceptable items will not be collected and must be removed from the kerbside by the resident immediately after the designated collection time.

What is the cost?

As at 3 July 2023

  • Hard waste collection 2 cubic meter - $99
  • Mattress 1 piece - $31

What can and cannot be collected?

Air conditionersAmmunition, explosive, and flares
Bikes and toysAsbestos
Blinds and window coveringsCar batteries
Dismantled clothes linesClothes and shoes
Electronic waste (eg, TVs, computers, and anything with a battery or cord)Bricks, rocks, dirt, pavers, concrete and building materials
Floor coverings (up to 2 metre lengths rolled up)Fire extinguishers
FurnitureHazardous waste
Hot water servicesLiquid waste
Lawn mowersChemical waste
Mattresses and couches (additional cost)Paint
Rainwater tankGarden waste
Sheets of iron and guttering (bundled and up to 2 metre lengths)Gas bottles
Small items of scrap metal  - please place in a container ((eg cardboard box) for removalGeneral waste
Wire, rope and hoses (bundled)Glass (panels of sheet glass including broken panels)
Timber off cuts or dismantled pallets (bundled and up to 2 metre lengths)Heavy electrical goods (over 120kg)
Larger tree and shrub prunings that do not fit in green organics bin provided  (cut into 2 metre lengths and tied in bundles. Maximum 30 cm diameter)Motor oil
White goods - fridges and freezers (please remove doors for safety), washing machines, driersNappies
 Pharmaceuticals and medical waste (medicines, syringes, needles, etc)
 Plastic film/loose plastic bags
 Small recyclables (ie things that can go in your recycling bin)
 Tyres and car parts
 Vacuum bag dust and general household dust
 Items that are too  large (over 2 metres in length) or too heavy (over 120kg)

Options for disposing of items n