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Application for Works on Council Land

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Anyone wishing to undertake any work that impacts on Council Infrastructure, Council Streets or Roads or Council Controlled land will be required to obtain permission from Council prior to commencing works.

The following are examples of works requiring a permit from Council.

  • Construction of concrete Invert/Kerb Crossover for a driveway where there is an existing kerb and gutter.
  • Construction of a driveway entrance
  • Reinstatement of Redundant Invert/Kerb Crossover
  • Installation of stormwater pipe under footpath and/or cutting of kerb to install stormwater kerb adaptor
  • Installation of privately owned water pipe within Council infrastructure or Council controlled land (indirect water services)
  • Installation of underground electrical service within Council infrastructure or Council controlled land
  • Removal of or works relating to trees or vegetation
  • Road verge landscaping

Click here to download the relevant permit application form. Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Council on 8391 7200.