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Community and Charity Organisations

The new food safety legislation applies to community and charity organisations that meet the definition of a 'food business'. The legislation has introduced a number of changes in the way that community and charity organisations conduct their business. The most significant change is the need for these organisations to notify their existence to Council.

There is no charge for the notification process and you need only complete one notification no matter how many different types of food handling/selling activities your organisation may be involved with.

If your organisation has not previously submitted notification details to Council and is planning to hold an event such as a sausage sizzle or food stall or is planning to sell food on a regular basis, the notification details must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the sale of food. Please see Food Safety, Information for Food Premises for further information on how to submit notification details.

A series of fact sheets for community and charity organisations are available from the following websites:

The information regarding Food Safety, Temporary Food Premises is provided to assist with the organisation of food stalls, sausage sizzles etc in a manner that complies with the food safety standards.

For further information on food safety please view the Public Health page.