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Community Spaces for Hire

There are a number of community spaces in our district available for hire. Spaces like community halls, recreation/sporting facilities, meeting spaces. How to book these spaces vary.

For example, the Mount Barker Town Hall bookings can be made easily online via As more spaces in the district are Spacetoco logolisted on this site you will be able to see them too and book with ease.

Details for other spaces like community halls, recreation/sporting facilities and how to book them can be searched via the SAcommunity community information directory. This website includes information for all of South Australia.

Some spaces in our district you can explore include (please note this is not a complete list):



Bookings / more information

Adelaide Hills Recreation CentreMount
Brukunga HallBrukungaSAcommunity
Callington Memorial HallCallingtonSAcommunity
Callington Recreation GroundsCallingtonSAcommunity
Cornerstone College facilitiesMount
Echunga Memorial InstituteEchungaSAcommunity
Echunga Recreation GroundsEchungaSAcommunity
Flaxley Memorial HallFlaxleySAcommunity
Hahndorf Band HallHahndorf
Hahndorf Bowling Club
Hahndorf Memorial InstituteHahndorfSAcommunity
Hahndorf Recreation GroundsHahndorfSAcommunity
Harrogate Soldiers Memorial HallHarrogateSAcommunity
Kanmantoo HallKanmantooSAcommunity
Littlehampton Peace Memorial HallLittlehampton
Laratinga Pavilion Mount Barker

Function hall with deck, set amongst the Laratinga Wetlands. Please read the Information for Hirers - Laratinga Pavilion booklet before booking online at
View a video of the space here.

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Laratinga Pavilion for Hire - Coming Soon

Laratinga Pavilion Meeting RoomMount Barker

Brand new meeting room/s divided by acoustic panel, set amongst the Laratinga Wetlands. View a video of the space here.

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Laratinga Pavilion Meeting Room

Macclesfield InstituteMacclesfieldSAcommunity
Macclesfield Recreation GroundsMacclesfieldSAcommunity
Meadows Memorial
Mount Barker Bowling ClubMount
Mount Barker Community CentreMount
Mount Barker Town HallMount Barker

Please read the Information for Hirers - Mount Barker Town Hall booklet before booking online at
View a video of the space here.                    
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Mount Barker Town Hall

Nairne Recreation GroundsNairneSAcommunity
Nairne Soldiers Memorial HallNairneSAcommunity
Polo Club RoomsMount Barker

Please read the Information for Hirers - Polo Club Rooms booklet before booking online at www.spacetoco.comView a video of the space here.

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Polo Club Rooms

Prospect Hill War Memorial HallProspect HillSAcommunity
St Francis de Sales Community Sports CentreMount
Wistow HallWistowSAcommunity