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Emergencies & Disasters

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The South Australian Government website contains lots of useful information about emergencies and disasters and how to prepare and stay safe. Click on their web link below.

Be prepared and put together your emergency kit

Thousands of South Australians and their animals are affected by emergencies every year that can happen at any time and affect anyone.

The South Australian State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer-based organisation that responds to a wide range of emergencies and rescues across the state 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365-days a year. Their volunteers do amazing work, however in times of disasters they may not be able to get to everyone who needs help immediately.

The information in the emergency kit checklist aims to assist you and your family to consider what emergencies your area may be prone to and how to plan, prepare and recover after the event.

Having an emergency kit ready to go can help you save precious time if you have to leave in a hurry. The checklist below can be used to tick off the items as you put your emergency kit together.

Emergency Kit Checklist(1569 kb)