Callington was laid out as a town in 1849. John Kiernan driving a dray over an outcrop, noticed copper where the stone was crushed by the dray wheel. By 1857 the Bremer mine has been sold to the Worthing Mining Company based in England. Water in the mines led to the installation of a Cornish steam pumping engine in 1861 which pumped 468,000 gallons a day out of the mines. The main shaft of the Bremer mine reached 600 feet with side tunnels every 60 feet. Some remains of the mining era include the Explosives Hut, Settling Tanks, Engine House and Chimney Stack. There are some fascinating structures in Callington including the hotel, churches, old police station and the Erskine Bridge.


places of interest

See the remains of the mining era including the Explosives Hut, Settling Tanks, Engine House & Chimney Stack and also fascinating structures including the hotel, old police station and the Erskine Bridge.


recreation areas

Callington Memorial Oval and Tennis Courts

Callington Road, Callington

2 ovals, tennis courts


Callington Township Plan

Council has commenced work on the creation of a Township Plan for Callington. The plan will be developed in association with the community to provide a long term vision for the town, identifying key objectives and priorities across a number of themes to ensure that the town continues to develop as highly liveable place. This project is part of a Council initiative which will see Townships Plans developed for all major settlements throughout the District by 2020

Community consultation on the development of the township plan will initially occur through engagement with key community groups and stakeholders during March 2019 and will occur more broadly through a formal consultation period in June 2019.

The envisaged program for the Township Plan is as follows:

Phase 1 – Investigations and Stakeholder Engagement

February – June 2019

  • Investigate existing issues/opportunities facing the township
  • Initial consultation with stakeholder (community groups, Council/Government Departments)
  • Prepare a draft document
Phase 2 – Consultation

June – July 2019

  • Consultation with whole of community and stakeholders on a draft township plan
  • Report on consultation feedback to Council Members
Phase 3 – Review

July 2019

  • Review community feedback
  • Incorporate community feedback into draft township plan
Phase 4 - Finalise

August – September 2019  

  • Produce final document for Council Member approval

For further information contact Nathan Franklin, Strategic Planner on 8391 7208