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Fire Management

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For current fire ban information and understanding the NEW Fire Danger Rating Index please visit the CFS website:

Fire Prevention

in Mount Barker and the Adelaide Hills

Fire prevention is an important topic throughout Mount Barker and the Adelaide Hills area and we would like to provide you with the knowledge to implement safety measures to protect your family, animals, property and others that surround you.

Mount Barker District Council has both a moral and legal obligation to encourage all ratepayers and residents to undertake necessary and timely fire prevention measures before and during each Fire Danger Season and preferably without any need for enforcement action by Council.

If you are interested in joining the CFS, local brigades are always looking for new members or helpers to assist the community in times of need.

For more information on Bushfire Prevention download the brochure below or collect a hard copy from Council.

Bushfire Prevention 2019/20

A lot of the information on Council’s website was sourced from the South Australian Country Fire Service. The CFS Website contains multitudes of information and advice that may be of further assistance, check it out at

Fire Danger Season Dates & Total Fire Bans

The entirety of the Mount Barker District Council area falls into the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District.

The Fire Danger Season in the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges commences on 15 November 2019 and concludes on 30 April 2020 (inclusive). These dates are declared after consideration of recommendations from the Region One Bushfire Prevention Committee and are subject to change.

Fire restrictions under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 apply during the dates of the Fire Danger Season.

The only exception to the above Fire Danger Season dates for Mount Barker District Council is the Township of Callington (only) which falls under SACFS Region 3 (Murraylands and Riverland District) which commences on 1 November 2019 and conclude on 30 April 2020 (inclusive). These dates are declared after consideration of recommendations from the Region Three Bushfire Management Committee and are subject to change.

These restrictions apply to everyone, not just those living in high bushfire risk areas.

To find out if a Total Fire Ban has been declared for today, click on the link below where a map of the affected fire ban districts will be displayed:

You can also contact the CFS Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.

Fire Restrictions: What can I do?

Once the Fire Danger Season has begun there are strict controls on the lighting of fires and the use of certain tools in the open. The restrictions remain in place until the end of the Fire Danger Season.

To find out what you can do and what you can’t do during the Fire Danger Season and on a Total Fire Ban day, click on the link below:

Mount Barker District Council has totally prohibited the use of incinerators and open fires for waste disposal on domestic premises that are in township areas throughout the District.

Fire / Summer Tracks

Fire Tracks are only meant to be used during the drier months (summer) for access and egress of Emergency Services Vehicles only in the event of an Emergency (Bushfire). However, these tracks are being used as a shortcut or a thoroughfare, which is not their intended purpose.

Fire Tracks are not engineered for general day to day use, due to typography, type of material used in their construction and width which makes it difficult to pass oncoming traffic safely.

It is common practice for Councils to restrict access to Fire tracks by installing gates or bollards, however, we are trialing this approach of installing signs, in the hope that this will reduce the need to follow suit.

The Sign "Fire Track - Authorised Vehicles Only" (as seen below) will be rolled out throughout the district, being placed at either end of all Fire Tracks where required.


Please note: These tracks may only be used by Authorised Vehicles, such as Emergency Services Vehicles, Council and adjacent landowners.