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Representation Review

DCMB 01Council building

Council conducted a Representation Review in 2012/2013 which required Council to consult with the community on:

  • How the Mayor will be elected;
  • The number of Councillors;
  • How the Councillors should be elected (as representatives of the Council area as a whole or representatives of wards) or a combination; and
  • Where the ward boundaries will be placed or if the Council area should be without wards.

After two consultation periods the Council determined to submit to the Electoral Commissioner a proposal for:

  • The position of Mayor as the Principal member elected by the community be retained.
  • The Council maintains a three ward structure with one boundary change to move Paechtown from Central Ward into the North Ward
  • Ward Councillors be retained without the addition of Area Councillors.
  • The number of Ward Councillors be maintained at ten. Four Ward Councillors in both North Ward and Central Ward and two Ward Councillors in South Ward.

The Electoral Commissioner approved the changes which were gazetted on 12 September 2013.

These changes took effect in time for the Council election in November 2014.

A copy of the final report is available here: Elector Representation Review Final Report - May 2013