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Council Plans and Financial Documents

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Annual Business Plans

The full Annual Business Plans 2023/24 can be found below:

Annual Business Plan 2023/2024

Annual Business Plan Summary 2023/2024

Wastewater Service Annual Business Plan 2023/24

Wastewater Service Annual Business Plan Summary 2023/24

For a list of projects from the Annual Business Plan, please visit the projects page.

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Long Term Financial Plans 2024-2034

Council endorsed its Long Term Financial Plan 2024-2034 and Wastewater Service Long Term Financial Plan 2024-2034 at the Council meeting on 3 June 2024

Long Term Financial Plan 2024-2034

Wastewater Service Long Term Financial Plan 2024-2034

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Annual Report


Our Vision is for the Mount Barker District to be a community that values its people, rich history and cultural identity and where environmental sustainability is paramount.  Our Community will cherish and protect its picturesque and peaceful setting.  The economy will thrive with a regional centre at its core and with townships and rural communities that are innovative, vibrant and well connected.

410 Gone

410 Gone


Sunset rural image with graphics for Community Plan 2020-2035

In November 2020, Council endorsed a new Community Plan.

The Community Plan 2020-2035 is the Strategic Plan for Council that reflects the issues and needs of the community, to be delivered in partnership with others. It sets a vision for the district and identifies goals and objectives designed to highlight social, economic and environmental issues and challenges that affect us all, now and into the future.

Community Plan 2020-2035

A summary version of the Community Plan can be found here Community Plan Summary

6 Priority Directions are detailed in this Plan and elevate issues of critical importance for the future of the district. Priorities were informed by two Futures Forums that were held in November 2019 and September 2020. Ideas developed at the Futures Forums for progressing priorities contained in the Plan are listed in the Community Plan Appendix.

This Strategic Plan complies with Section 122 of the Local Government Act by:

  • Providing a vision for our District that reflects community issues and needs;
  • Guiding Council and its community in ensuring a healthy society, economy and environment; and
  • Ensuring that Council’s vision and strategies can be aligned with operational activities and work programs.

To find out more about how you can get involved in implementing the priorities within the Community Plan, contact Council.