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Environmental Education Program

An important part of the wetland development was the ongoing involvement of local schools and the community. For this reason, funding was provided for the appointment of an Environmental Project Officer, to establish the wetland education program and ecological monitoring program.

Up to eighteen schools from throughout the district have been involved in the Environmental Education Program. Planned activities include extensive plantings in the Laratinga site and Council provides school tours monitoring the health of the wetland.

As the wetland is established with plants within the basins, extensive monitoring of the ecological changes within the wetland will commence.

Volunteer Program, Wetland Warriors

Volunteers help to protect and preserve our wetlands, an amazing award winning haven! You to can become part of a friendly team, learn how to identify native plants and wildlife and how to spot and manage unwanted vegetation.

Council manages the wetlands, but without the help of volunteers it wouldn’t be the environmental sanctuary it is today. Become part of something bigger, in fact 16 hectares bigger! Training, morning tea and tools are all supplied - no experience necessary.

Keen to become a Wetland Warrior?

The Laratinga Wetland Warriors are more than just a team. If you want to get out in the fresh air, meet new friends and do something great for the environment, then volunteering is for you! To enrol please visit our Volunteer Connect page and register your interest. Our Volunteer Development Officer will contact you to discuss new opportunities.