Regional Aquatic Facility

Mount Barker Mountain Pool

The Mountain Pool in Mount Barker is an ageing facility (almost 60 years old) and at the end of its life. While in an attractive setting close to the centre of Town, the pool structures and associated plant and equipment are dated and are not providing the contemporary aquatic and recreation opportunities that communities expect in current times.

The facility, built by volunteer labour in 1955, is one of many such swimming pools constructed across Australia in the 1950s and 1960s, most following the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Most councils responsible for such pools have been planning for their replacement/removal over recent years due to the associated high operating costs and inability to meet community’s needs.

Council is developing a project to:

  • identify the level of demand for an aquatic/multi-use facility within Mount Barker
  • identify best practice in aquatic/multi-use facilities with regards to their functionality, funding, ownership, management structures/processes and most viable components/features
  • assess the existing Mountain Pool facility and its ability to meet current and future demand, including its current condition and the estimated costs involved in bringing it to a higher standard (if required)


Aquatic Centre Multi Use Needs Analyisis(5389 kb)

Aquatic Centre Location and Management Options(1090 kb)

Aquatic Centre Cost Benefit Analysis(1484 kb)


In December 2017, Council applied for funding through the Building Better Regions Fund.   The Infrastructure Projects Stream supports projects which involve the construction of new infrastructure, or the upgrade or extension of existing infrastructure that provide economic and social benefits to regional and remote areas.

Aquatic Centre BBRF Summary Application(507 kb)

Aquatic Centre BBRF Letters of Support(1328 kb)


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