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Parking Information

Parking regulations within Mount Barker District Council are aimed to ensure that our roads are safe, that traffic and public transport flows smoothly and that people with special requirements have adequate access to facilities.

The enforcement of parking regulations is regulated by state law and is the same for all councils.

Signage is provided in many situations, but in others it is the responsibility of driver's to know the rules.

Parking Around Schools

Due to the chaotic nature of traffic around schools at peak times streets around our schools can be an extremely dangerous place for children.

Young children have not yet fully developed their cognitive abilities and their perception, judgement and awareness of potentially dangerous situations is not adequately developed to enable them to cope or assess the road traffic.

Children are not always easily visible and can sometimes act impulsively, which means if you are driving around a school please take special care, to ensure we keep our children safe. Remember that children copy grown-ups - encourage good road sense by watching them closely and leading by example.

For more information, including helpful tips and parking examples, please download our safe parking around schools brochure.

Safe Parking Around Schools Brochure(669 kb)

Disabled Parking

In most car parks and some streets, parking areas are reserved for holders of disabled permits only. If you hold a current disabled permit, the permit must be displayed on the vehicle whenever the vehicle is parked in a disabled bay.  Permits can be obtained from the Motor Registration Division of the Department of Transport. These departmental permits are acceptable throughout South Australia.

More information can be found on the following link:

Private Parking

Mount Barker District Council patrols a number of Private Car Parks in order to ensure the regular turnover of customers, it is imperative that a time limit is set on each car parking zone. If the driver of a vehicle enters a Private Car Park they are agreeing to abide by the rules and terms set out on the “conditions of entry” placed at each entrance of the car park. If you exceed the amount of time allowed for free parking you may be issued with a ticket.