Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1  What is the annual refuse charge?

A. Council applies a refuse charge for the provision of kerbside waste and recycling services as provided for under the Local Government Act 1999 to directly apportion the cost of the service and to accommodate differential levels of service provision.

For 2018/2019 financial year the following service charges apply:

Rural area (kerbside waste & recycling only) $163

Township area (above services plus fortnightly green organics collection) $193


Q.2  Can I be excluded from the kerbside collection?

A. The kerbside collection service will be provided to all residents with the exception of some rural properties that are inaccessible to the collection vehicle. If your property is deemed inaccessible by either the contractor or Council, you will have the option to take your bins to an alternative location or not be included in the collection service. Properties not included in the collection will not be charged.


Q.3  What about commercial or industrial premises?

A. All rateable commercial and industrial properties will be provided with the service with the exception of green organics. Businesses are responsible for the appropriate disposal of waste material produced in excess of this amount.


Q.4  Do I have to pay for the new bins up-front?

A. No, the cost of the new 140L (blue lid) and new 240L (yellow lid) bins is included in the annual refuse charge.


Q.5  How does the system work?

A. Your 140L (blue lid) waste bin will be collected weekly, and your 240L (yellow lid) recycling bin will be collected fortnightly. If you live in a township, you're 240L (green lid) green organics waste bin will be collected on the alternative fortnight to recycling. For more information on how to use your bin system refer to


Q.6  How will I know which week to put my bins out?

A. Please refer to your calendar to determine your collection day. Your waste & recycling bins will be collected on the same day each week:

Week 1: 140L (blue lid) waste bin & 240L (yellow lid) recycling bin; and

Week 2: 140L (blue lid) waste bin & 240L (green lid) green waste bin (township only).

Alternatively, download the My Local Services App and get a reminder when to put your bins out. Find out more by clicking on the following link My Local Services App Icon


Q.7  If I live on a boundary road between collection days, which area would I be in?

A. It all depends on which side of the boundary road you are. Please contact Council for assistance.


Q.8  I am a rural resident and I do not want a kerbside collection and want to be excluded from the service.

A. Unless you are a primary producer (with no dwelling), your land is vacant, or if the truck cannot access your property there is not an opportunity for property owners to opt out of having access to the service and paying the annual refuse charge.


Q.9  What should I do if my bin is stolen or broken?

A. The waste bin (blue lid) or recycling bin (yellow lid) can be replaced if damaged by contacting SOLO on 8295 5077. Please report stolen Waste or Recycle bins to the police, as SOLO will require a police report number. Alternatively, a statutory declaration from yourself declaring the bin was stolen will be required. The green organics bin (green lid) is the residents' property and replacement of stolen bins are at the residents/owners expense. Damaged green organics bins as a result of the contractor may be replaced by contacting SOLO.  All waste and recycle bins will have a unique identification code which will be linked to each property. If you find a bin, please contact Council and advise the identification number located on the left hand side of the bin.


Q.10  If I have just built/bought a house and there are no bins there currently, how do I access them?

A. Use this form to request the new service to your property. A blue lid waste bin and yellow lid recyclables bin will be provided by Council's contractor SOLO when the request has been approved. Bins are normally delivered on Thursday.  

Request for a new or additional Kerbside Waste Recycling and Green Organics Service(98 kb)


For residences in Townships only, a green lid green waste bin can also be purchased direct from SOLO for approximately $80.00 (plus GST) contact phone number 8295 5077.


Q.11  I require an additional service.

A. Requests for Additional Services will normally be for one extra service only and are at the discretion of Council. New and Additional Services will be charged at the applicable Waste Service charge or pro rata for part of a financial year. Use this form to request an additional service to your property. 

 Request for a new or additional Kerbside Waste Recycling and Green Organics Service(98 kb)


Q.12  Where do I get a green waste bin from?

A. Only residents that live within areas classified as 'Township' for the purposes of kerbside collection receive a fortnightly green waste collection service.
Residents are required to provide suitable green waste bin for this service. Bins must be a 240L wheelie bin with a dark green body and green lid. Bins can be purchased from hardware stores, second hand yards, Salvage & Save located next to Windmill Hill etc.  Green organics bins can also be purchased direct from SOLO (Council’s Contractor) on 08 8295 5077 for approximately $80 (plus GST), SOLO will arrange for delivery of the bin to your property.  Green waste bins remain the property of the resident