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Aerial of Regional Sports Hub LandRedefining a new lifestyle and sporting experience in South Australia, the Regional Sports Hub will be a prime destination for sports and community recreation in the Adelaide Hills.

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The Mount Barker Regional Sports Hub is being planned for development on Council owned land on Springs Road, Mount Barker, to accommodate current and future sporting facility needs of the growing community. Council has set a target of commencing construction of Stage 1 in 2018/19. 


In 2009, with the assistance of a State Government Grant, Mount Barker District Council purchased 38HA of land bordered by Bald Hills and Springs Roads.  Over the following years, various demand and feasibility studies as well as high level concepts were developed, further refining the sports to be located at this site. This work confirmed that the Council Land should be developed for regional level sporting facilities and that the south-eastern half of the site (approximately 20HA) is the most suitable location for this to occur.

In 2014, the Council, with the assistance of the Office of Recreation and Sport commenced the production of the Detailed Concept Designs for the Mount Barker Regional Sports Facility. 

The full development of the facility is not likely to occur for over 10 years, with initial stages to be constructed as dictated by funding availability and facility demand. The reasons for this approach include:

  • There are multiple sites within the township that can accommodate the short term demand for additional playing fields for significantly less cost.
  • The cost to develop a regional sporting facility will require significant external funding and stakeholder commitment, which can take a significant period of time to secure and co-ordinate. 
  • This facility is responding to the demand of an expanding population and therefore the demand for facilities will come as the population grows over the next 25 years.

Concept Plans

Concept plans were prepared in 2015 and 2017.  In February 2018 Council engaged Oxigen Pty Ltd to finalise the site layout and prepare detailed design and documentation for stage 1 of the project. Following extensive stakeholder input, including feedback from the Community Information Session on 7 March 2018, a recommended site layout was presented to Council at the 3 April 2018 meeting. Council unanimously endorsed the site layout. Stage 1 is still to be resolved subject to project funding and Council endorsement (date to be advised).

The ENDORSED site layout with minor variations and PROPOSED DRAFT stage 1 as at 31 May 2018 (subject to project funding and budget [future Council decision] and development approval) are shown here:

Endorsed Site Layout and Proposed Draft stage 1 as at 31 May 2018(1266 kb)

The development application was lodged on the 7 June 2018. An overview of the concept design is shown here:

Regional Sports Hub - Concept Design - Briefing Package(7225 kb)


Planning consent granted - 19 September 2018.

Business Case and Project Stages

The Mount Barker Regional Sports Hub business case as at 5 December 2017 is shown here:

Regional Sports Hub - Business Case as at 5 December 2017(6721 kb) 

The Mount Barker Regional Sports Hub Project is currently at detailed design stage and is expected to be constructed over at least 3 stages.  Stage 1 will include:

  • Site excavation, storm water drainage, sewage and services (water, power, telecommunications)
  • Initial lighting
  • Initial landscaping
  • 1 of 2 AFL / Cricket premier standard oval/pitch
  • 2 of 4 soccer pitches (1 premier standard)
  • Female and male change rooms, public toilets, umpire and medical rooms, equipment storage
  • Entrance, roadway and parking

Council’s target timings for stage 1 are as follows:

  • 2017/18 – detailed design
  • 2018/19 – commence construction
  • 2019/20 – open to the public


Funding the project

The preliminary cost estimate for the concept design is in the order of $38m.  As the project progresses to detailed site assessment and design and through value management processes a further project cost estimate will be prepared enabling the project budget to be finalised. 

Project funding currently committed includes:

  • Australian Goverment Funding $8.15 million
  • South Australian Government – soccer facilities $2.5 million (via SA Football Federation)
  • South Australian Government – female change room facilities $0.475 million
  • South Australian Government - $0.8 million

Negotiations are ongoing with funding partners including sporting peak bodies.

Further project funding will continue to be pursued for stage 1 and related elements such as the Laratinga Trail connection to the Regional Sports Hub site.

Council’s Community Connections team plans to promote a community fundraising program during construction which will provide the opportunity for business and individuals to have a personal connection with the new regional facilities. 

Council has provisioned in the 18/19 Annual Business Plan for commencement of construction of the Regional Sports Hub Stage 1, subject to funding, statutory and Council approvals.

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Managing the facility

Council will own and operate the new regional sporting facilities on behalf of the community.  

The following documents have been drafted to assist the Council to set the operating and governing framework and the business strategy.  Further details on how the facilities will be operated will be developed in consultation with key stakeholders and at the direction of the independent board (approval and appointment pending) following Council's endorsement the Business Strategy, operating and governance model.

Draft RSH Business Strategy and Governance Model Summary Only January 2019(270 kb)

Draft RSH Part 1 Operating and Governance Model January 2019(5827 kb)

Draft RSH Part 2 Business Strategy January 2019(3083 kb)


Project Stakeholders

The Mount Barker Regional Sports Hub project has a large, complex and diverse range of stakeholders including:

  • Government – Local, State and Federal
  • Sporting – clubs and peak bodies (local, state and national)
  • Education
  • Community – residents and ratepayers; individuals and clubs; users and spectators; locals and visitors
  • Adjacent land owners
  • Potential commercial partners
  • Service providers
  • Contractors and consultants (design, construction and operation/maintenance)
  • Media

Community Reference Group

A Community Reference Group has been established to provide ideas on how the Hub might be used for greater community use. The group represents a small composition of people from areas of the local community including district sporting community (not a particular sport), education providers, business sector, community groups, allied health service providers and general community representatives.

Regional Sports Hub Terms of Reference(144 kb)

The Community Reference Group have met on four occasions (between 21 February and 23 May 2018) to advise the design team and Council on how the broader community is likely to use the site which has provided very helpful information for the design team.  

Regional Sports Hub Community Reference Group

Pictured left-right: Brianna McAvaney, Michael Bails, Mayor Ann Ferguson, Alan Harvey, Sean Hames, Paul Rees, Dianne van Eck, Sam Woodman, Anita Kerr, Gary Carlson and Jock Dean (Emma Bacskai absent from photo)


Project Partners Group

A Project Partners Group has been established to provide funding partners (State and Local Government and Peak Sporting Bodies [excluding Federal Government])  input to Council on Stage 1 of the Regional Sports Hub including: site layout; design, procurement and construction/development; and governance model and management arrangements.

RSH Project Partners Group Terms of Reference(75 kb)

Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 Project - Project Partners Group meeting summary - April 2018(29 kb)


Council agenda items

Recent report(s) to council on the project can be found on the Council meetings webpage

5 November 2018

14.2. Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 Project Update 

  • To provide an update on the Mount Barker Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 project.
6 August 2018 

12.2. Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 Project Update – BBRF Funding 

  • To provide an update on the Mount Barker Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 project, including funding and cost/scope considerations, and seek delegation to the CEO to execute the Building Better Regions Fund deed.
4 June 2018

14.1 Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 Project Update

  • To provide an update on the Mount Barker Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 project.
3 April 2018

12.1 Regional Sports Hub - Stage 1 Project - Site Layout - page 14

  • To present the recommended site layout to Council for approval to enable design documentation and development application to proceed.
5 March 2018

12.3. Regional Sports Hub- Project Partners Group Terms of Reference- page 165

  • To seek Council’s endorsement for the establishment of a Regional Sports Hub Project Partners Group.
5 February 2018

12.4. Regional Sports Hub Detailed Design Tender Award Recommendation - page 62

  • To gain Council approval to award tender 2017.036, Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 Detailed Design.
15 January 2018

12.3. Regional Sports Hub Business Case - page 88

  • To formally present the Regional Sports Hub Business Case version 1.0 (attachment 1) to the Council and provide a Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 Project Presentation (attachment 2).

12.4. Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 Project Community Reference Group - page 175

  • To seek Council’s endorsement for the establishment of a Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 project Community Reference Group.

4 December 2017

12.2. Regional Sports Hub Grant Funding Authorisations - page 88

  • For Council to authorise the CEO to enter into grant funding deeds related to the Regional Sports Hub Stage 1 Project.
6 November 2017

14.1. Regional Sports Hub Update - page 283

  • To provide an update on the Mount Barker Regional Sports Hub project.
7 August 2017

13.5 Regional Sports Hub Update - page 128

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Regional Sports Hub - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs as at 18 July 2018(917 kb)


Project point of contact

If you have any queries regarding this project, please email Kate Jessep, Project Leader Regional Hub Delivery at  or on 08 8391 7200.   


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