Draft Animal Management Plan 2017

Why a new Animal Management Plan?

Every Council has an obligation to review and update its Animal Management Plan every five years. We received strong feedback during the initial consultation phase earlier this year which has been incorporated into the new draft plan. The attached draft Animal Management Plan 2018-2022 comprises animal management objectives and strategies, some are legislated and others have been developed from feedback obtained through the first phase of community engagement.

Draft Animal Management Plan 2017(452 kb)


Important information to read before providing feedback

Recent legislative amendments to the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 will see the introduction of compulsory micro-chipping and desexing of both dogs and cats from July 2018.

For more information about legislative changes, please go online and check out http://dogandcatboard.com.au/news/new-dog-and-cat-laws-handy-overview

Please note: Council is not seeking feedback on these changes, as they will become mandatory after July 2018.


Have your say!

As the existing draft Animal Management Plan expires soon (2017/18) we would like you to have your say and provide comment. We have organised the following feedback methods:

·         Email us – council@mountbarker.sa.gov.au 

·         Post to us – PO Box 54 Mount Barker SA 5251

·         In Person – Council (6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker) or Library (Dumas Street, Mount Barker)

Feedback must be received no later than 4 October 2017


For more information

Please email Jamie Tann, Manager Health and Public Safety, jtann@mountbarker.sa.gov.au or phone 8391 7216

6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
T 8391 7200