Echunga, today a quiet attractive little township in the midst of fertile acres with cattle and horses grazing, has a history that is anything but quiet. In January 1839 John Barton Hack, a prosperous English Quaker took up a large area of land known as the Echunga Survey. He established an English style estate - Echunga gardens - with dairy herds, fields of wheat, orchards and 12 acres of grapes from which to make his own wine. While Echunga was becoming an organised village community, gold was discovered in Victoria and so the Government of the day offered a reward of 1,000 pounds for the discovery of payable gold in South Australia. Echunga Goldfields have become South Australia’s most productive goldfields. Today, (just outside of Echunga), both the Old Echunga Diggings and the Jupiter Creek Diggings are Heritage Sites and Historic Reserves where fossicking is still allowed.


places of interest

Formerly a staging post and still contains water troughs, hitching posts and coaching depot from that era.


recreation areas

Echunga Recreation Grounds, Community Oval & Tennis Courts

Echunga Road, Echunga 

  • 2 Ovals
  • tennis/netball courts
6 Dutton Road, Mount Barker SA 5251
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